Earth’s Core May Be in A Superionic State; New Scientific Study

The Earth’s core has always been a big mystery in scientific circles. Since it is impossible to dig towards it, the best minds examine it through seismic waves. It has led to many theories, with the earliest one talking about the planet having a solid core. The latest breakthrough suggests that the core’s composition may not be a common matter form but stays in a superionic state.

What Is Superionic?

There have always been arguments that the earth’s core is soft because of seismic evidence. Other studies indicate that it is solid. A study by Yu He from the Chinese Academy of Sciences investigated how elements may exist in the core. They used simulations to see how oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen reacts in an iron environment. The experiments revealed that some elements became solid while others stayed liquid.

There have been lab tests in which scientists have created superionic water. It proved that this scenario can happen with the right conditions. According to He, the conditions in the core make it highly possible that alloys and elements interact like superionic water.

Image Courtesy of Live Science

It’s the reason why some data suggests that the core has a solid structure while others saw liquid-like movements in their tests. It is an unusual state, and it also opens up more mysteries as to the significance of a superionic core.

It is the tip of the iceberg, as there are still many things scientists have yet to discover. There are theories that the is a solid inner core underneath, and others also wonder why it has an uneven distribution.

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