With last year’s success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, EA is now looking to release their next game in this iconic sci-fi franchise.

The next Star Wars game is codenamed Project Maverick and is currently in development at EA’s Motive.

Interestingly, according to a new resetera thread, Maverick may get a spotlight this week during Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess.

Motive Montreal, the studio behind this unannounced game recently joined social media platforms and Jeff Grubb was quick to comment, leading to sparks about this rumoured reveal.

Moreover, Jeff’s List states a reveal of “Mel Gibson picture” on June 2 who has a movie named Maverick. Now isn’t that enough of a hint?

Add to that, Jason Schreier’s tweet which solidifies the remaining doubts.


Project Maverick is rumored to be a space combat simulator but we have yet to know anything about it.


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