Death Stranding
Courtesy of Kojima Productions

The final issue of EDGE Magazine is out and with it, are the scores for some of the games that came out later this year. Death Stranding, Life is Strange 2, Shenmue II and more.

Starting with Death Stranding, the magazine staff rated it 6/10. I don’t have the recent issue, but here’s a snippet from their preview from Issue 339 –

Is this Kojima commenting on the futility of social media? Unlikely, given his fondness for posting photos of his lunch, his Blu-ray haul and his revolving door of celebrity pals. It eventually transpires that Likes power a sort of skill system; reach certain milestones and you might increase your carry limit, your balance, or the durability of your gear. We’d prefer cash, if that’s okay, particularly given how often the game feels too much like work.

Next up, EDGE rated Shenmue III a 6 as well. The staff rated Pathologic 2 – 9, Phoenix Point – 8, Life is Strange 2 – 5, Wattam – 7, A Plague Tale: Innocence – 8, Tangle Tower – 8, The Touryst – 7 and Pistol Whip – 8.

If you’re into opinion pieces, check out Caleb’s take on Death Stranding’s ending.

My subscription of EDGE ended with Issue 339. Hence, I’m still confused about whether to renew my subscription or wait until I finish my backlog of the last three issues first. Nevertheless, this could be our last article of the year.

Happy New Year!