Image Courtesy of FromSoftware

With Elden Ring a few weeks away from the release, players have discovered an anti-cheat system hidden within the game’s EULA. FromSoftware games have notoriously been plagued by cheaters, especially in PVP. Most fans who’ve played the “Dark Souls” franchise have encountered at least one in their playthroughs. The game will be using a popular program called Easy Anti-Cheat.

The anti-cheat software is present in multiplayer first-person shooters. Games like Apex Legends and Fortnite use it to thwart third-party software. Its inclusion in Elden Ring comes as no surprise as the developer has been adamant in making the game experience feel fair to everyone playing. While many are happy about this implementation, some have expressed their concerns.

Image Courtesy of FromSoftware
Placing anti-cheat software can also come with bugs and other errors players have to deal with.

Incompatibility could lead to crashes, freezes, and even game-breaking issues. While resolutions often happen after an update, they can affect the overall immersive experience the game wants to bring.

Others are concerned about how it can affect mods. One of the benefits of a PC release is access to the modding community. Mods can bring new life to a game long after its release. An anti-cheat software could potentially detract them from making any content for the game. However, Elden Ring’s release on Steam bodes well to mods, as the platform is known to be open to its inclusion.

Easy Anti-Cheat will also likely affect the single-player experience. It can prevent people from cheating on their progress. It can help keep things fair for those who want a better multiplayer experience.

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