Elden Ring has been given an age rating in Australia, indicating that the game is nearing completion. According to PC Gamer, the RPG has been rated MA 15+.

  • The game features “strong fantasy and violence”. Online interactivity will also be available thanks to the feature to play online with up to four players to discover the game’s massive six regions.
  • Elden Ring will have “significant violence,” according to the evaluation body; though it will not involve inappropriate language, drug use, sexual content, or graphic nudity.

For the most part, the company does not offer additional data about the game, though this documentation is sufficient to conclude that it will follow the same path as the developer’s other games, despite the fact that we know Elden Ring’s goal is to entice a wider audience than that of Dark Souls. The game will be more available, according to Miyazaki, but that does not imply that it will be less demanding; it will be just as challenging, with aids for newcomers.

Elden Ring Release Date

Elden Ring will feature an on-screen beginner guide system to help gamers who are unfamiliar with a FromSoftware game, and the tale will be more comprehensible than previous games. For the rest, the game has been demonstrated on multiple instances with various gameplay that digs deep into its mechanics, such as stealth or fast travel. Elden Ring will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on January 21, 2022.

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