Elden Ring Has Now Sold 13.4 Million Units Worldwide

Bandai Namco announced that Elden Ring has sold 13.4 million units as of late March 2022, with 1.4 million more sold in the last couple of weeks of the month. Bandai Namco announced last month that the game has sold 12 million units by March 14.

The year’s most anticipated game is also one of the most profitable. Thanks to Bandai Namco’s accounting information at the end of the fiscal year 2021, Elden Ring, which we suppose most of you have heard of, has received another sales update. According to @DomsPlaying on Twitter, it had sold 13.4 million units as of March 31.

It was even a ridiculous accomplishment, considering prior games in the Souls-borne required years to reach similar benchmarks. Elden Ring will most certainly be hitting the 20 million mark this year due to its increasing sales rate of a million every few weeks.

Miyazaki & Miyakawa Thanked Fans

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“It’s astonishing to see just how many people have been playing Elden Ring, I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the entire development team.” – Miyazaki

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“Much effort was placed into creating Elden Ring so that we could exceed the expectations of our fans worldwide. In like manner, we will continue our efforts in expanding the brand beyond the game itself, and into everyone’s daily life.” – Miyakawa

Pirates Can’t Stop The Sales Increase

Despite the large Sales, it’s worth noting that this game was previously available for free on several pirate sites, but it didn’t stop fans from purchasing the original. This demonstrates that many players are aware that fixes and major updates are must-haves to enjoy the game.

Other gamers are likely to be interested in partaking in the next reported PVP-coliseum feature. Enthusiasts also want to experiment with coop/multiplayer. This addition to the game, as well as the rumored impending DLC, will entice more fans to purchase the original game.

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