FromSoftware’s next big action RPG Elden Ring has been in dark for over a year now but there’s good news lingering right around the corner.

According to a neogaf user Arctos, Elden Ring is set to release in fiscal Q3  of this year which is between the time period of October-December 2020.

He further went on to claim that Elden Ring is completely playable from “beginning to end” and is currently undergoing optimization.

He also, surprisingly, and very confidently mentions that a next-gen port of Elden Ring was supposed to be a timed exclusive on PS5, but FromSoftware didn’t have the appropriate resources for that.

Things were a bit confusing last time I had news from this game (end of last year).
Supposed marketing deal with MS for a VGA reveal that didn’t happen and might have been cancelled because, supposedly Sony was pressuring Namco for a timed exclusivity of the next gen version , ported by Japan Studio because FROM didn’t have resources to make nextgen versions.
Nothing was decided at the time, and I know nothing recent because I haven’t seen my friend that worked at Namco online since November. He probably still has contacts there, I’m going to try to ccontact him to see if he knows anything else, I’m getting curious too.

FromSoftware has yet to comment on this surprising new piece of information. We may hope to see more of Elden Ring next month during the ongoing Summer Game Fest.

The last we saw of Elden Ring was during  Microsoft’s E3 2019 showcase.






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