Elden Ring Manga You thought would be serious but it isn’t!

When you think of Elden Ring, you probably think of your anguish-filled attempts at scratching Malenia, the Blade of Miquella or slipping past the stomping feet of Starscourge Radahn. Now if you, a lover of the tales of the Lands Between were told that Elden Ring could be made comic, you’d burst out laughing. The very idea of Elden Ring having any comic element to it would be a joke to you. But well, that’s exactly what the new Elden Ring manga has done.

What’s The Elden Ring Manga?

Elden Ring Manga
Official cover of the manga
  • The Bandai Namco released cultural phenomena named Elden Ring is as diverse as yo momma jokes. The game has added multiple accolades to itself but nothing beats notable writer George. R. R. Martin worldbuilding Elden Ring. Although he has yet to finish his books for a decade and over [no diss to you Mr. Martin 😉 ] he helped build the vast expanse of The Lands Between.
  • FromSoftware, the developer of the game probably sneaked to Kadokawa, the Japanese Giant. Kadokawa has dedicated itself to the wonderful production of Elden Ring The Road to the Erdtree (Elden Ring: Ōgonki e no Michi) gag manga. It is written by Nikichii Tobita.

Who is the Writer?

  • Nikiichi Tobita is known for another famous gag manga work called A Cursed Sword’s Daily Life. This manga had a storyline that followed the story of a brother and sister in a medieval fantasy world in which smartphones were real. (OOOOO NICE). Comikey released Tobita’s A Cursed Sword’s Daily Life manga in English.

What Transpires in This Elden Ring Manga?

Elden Ring Manga
General Fookin Radahn

The first chapter itself is named “You Thought This’d Be Serious Didn’t You?” almost as if to mock the fans of what they were originally expecting.

  • Road To Erdtree follows protagonist Asea. Players would recognize Asea as a wretched tarnished which is the naked starting character from Elden Ring, the one most of us didn’t choose. Asea navigates the fantastical world of The Lands Between after he is cast into Limgrave.
  • Devoid of all luxuries, even clothes, Asea can only find hope in the woman named Melina. Melina guides him into following the blessing of the Erdtree. Of course, it won’t be an easy road (never was lmao ask the players).
  • Asea navigates the world and faces mythical casts which include Blaidd the Half-Wolf, Margit the Fell Omen, Ranni the Witch, etc. His first quest lands him at Stormveil Castle, although how he makes it out from there depends upon the author.

Elden Ring Manga The lore and storyline are the same, although with a bit of a twist. Given that it’s a gag manga, its purpose of being is to provide comic relief as a supplement to the giant expanse of the Elden Ring world.

When does it Release?

The new Elden Ring Manga has only two chapters out, yet it is expected to evolve with time. The release dates of each new chapter are the 4th and 19th of each month. So that’s like, 2 chapters a month.

Where to Read It?

The Manga isn’t really hard to find as it Kadokawa has decided to release it for free online. That too in 12 different languages. One can read it for free in Comicwalker, by clicking here.

What Languages Is The New Elden Ring Manga Published in?

One can read the English translation for free but there are other publications that have released the manga for a diverse audience. Although Kadokawa has distributed publications simultaneously in all almost all languages, there may always be some delay in a certain language.


Elden Ring Manga

Elden Ring is a game per excellence. One that has endowed many gamers with an abyss of trials and errors. Of course, the difficulty cast by the game mechanics still is justified through the world-building that is bestowed by George R. R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki (Dark Souls, Dark Souls III, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). The gag manga isn’t a major adaptation, yet to those looking for relief over irritated ten-hour game-play failure, this one is for you. How have you liked Elden Ring so far? and what do you think of the manga? comment down below.

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