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Elden Ring is an open-world game idea, it looks stunning, and feedback from the beta was overwhelmingly good. The game is even more thrilling than ever. The legion of nerds who will examine every square inch of this map for clues and puzzles. Because one of FromSoftware’s strengths has always been environmental storytelling, Easter eggs will almost certainly be obscure across the map. One of them has already been figured out.

Elden Ring is likely to be the game of the year for 2022, based on what we’re getting. Hopefully, the team of developers and their creative juices don’t run out of fantastic ideas in the future.

Hidden Map Symbols

Image Courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO Europe

Many of the symbols on the present Elden Ring map were formerly to be meaningless. Most participants couldn’t discern what language the game is using after additional inspection. A group of Chinese gamers was eventually able to identify the runes as the strange dialect Yi.

The map’s runes employed an unusual, almost broken version of Yi, which the team had to decipher for quite some time. They did, however, finally crack the code. The runes described sea monsters (spoiler-highlight) that did not exist on the map.

Elden Ring Spoiler

  • The fact that the sea monster (spoiler-highlight) symbols are hidden on the present map, combined with Miyazaki’s recent denial of a query concerning the serpent on Godfrey’s ax, suggests that the maritime theme is crucial to the plot.
  • Although we didn’t see much of it in the beta, it appears that sea-based exploration and horrifying deep-sea creatures play a significant role in Elden Ring. For now, it’s all that we have, and it only makes the wait for all of February’s games that much longer.

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