Elden Ring: Player Allegedly Kills Pope Turtle, Reddit Community Reacts

Elden Ring - Turtle Pope

The Elden Ring subreddit was in uproar after one player posted about a shameful thing they did in the game. According to Reddit user VG_Crimson, they “killed Pope Turtle, so you don’t have to“. The Pope Turtle is one of the most beloved characters in Elden Ring, so it’s only reasonable for other players to express their grieve over this act.

Who is Pope Turtle?

Elden Ring - Pope Turtle 1
Screengrab Courtesy of Indyrael via YouTube

Most players know Pope Turtle as Miriel, the Pastor of Vows. He is a large tortoise who speaks to players in the softest tone possible. So, it’s no wonder players already have a soft spot for Pope Turtle. Miriel’s purpose in the game is to guide players and teach them different spells and incantations.

Moreover, Miriel shares his knowledge of the world with players. It’s pretty evident early on that Miriel is a seeker of knowledge and his wisdom is enough evidence for this.

Elden Ring - Pope Turtle Final Moments
Screengrab Courtesy of Indyrael via YouTube

Additionally, players usually feel sympathy for Miriel because he is unable to move from his spot in front of the church ruins. So, he takes his time teaching and guiding players who set out on a journey across the Lands Between.

With all that being said, one wouldn’t think that someone could be so heartless to kill Miriel, right? Wrong. Because that’s exactly what u/VG_Crimson did.

What happens if you kill Pope Turtle?

It’s not a secret that FromSoftware games usually put unique items on NPCs if ever a player decides to kill them. u/VG_Crimson was flooded with curiosity as to what might happen if one slays the beloved Pope Turtle.

Elden Ring - Pope Turtle Stop It
Screengrab Courtesy of Indyrael via YouTube

In their Reddit post, they explained in full detail how they started attacking Pope Turtle. But what made matters worse was Pope Turtle’s patience and faith that VG_Crimson would stop hitting him.

Elden Ring - Pope Turtle Wounded
Screengrab Courtesy of Indyrael via YouTube

VG_Crimson shared in their Reddit post that Pope Turtle stayed “kind-hearted” while the player was attacking him. But another painful moment from this morally wrong act was when Pope Turtle promised that he won’t exact revenge on the player.

All VG_Crimson needed to do was stop and all would be forgotten. Pope Turtle even went as far as promising the player that he won’t get angry if he died from the attacks.

Elden Ring - Pope Turtle Death
Screengrab Courtesy of Indyrael via YouTube

In the final part of the post, VG_Crimson began expressing their regret for letting curiosity take over.

“I have to live with this on my soul now, don’t do this. There is nothing to gain, and you lose not only the convenience of him, but you lose a part of yourself too.

If you try to get absolved from hurting/killing him it is not needed. This is probably because he has already forgiven you.

Praise the Dog 🐢

Don’t kill Miriel”

What rewards do I get for slaying Pope Turtle?

According to the Reddit post, players gain turtle neck meats and Pope Turtle’s bell. His bell allows players to buy whatever was in Pope Turtle’s shop. But VG_Crimson added that although you can buy anything in his shop, “never again will he ask that you learn together”.

Elden Ring - Pope Turtle Rewards
Screengrab Courtesy of Indyrael via YouTube

So, if you’re curious as to what happens if you slay Pope Turtle.. well. Sadness. Sadness and regret are what will happen if you choose to do this. We don’t know if we should commend players like VG_Crimson for this ultimate sacrifice or if we should be furious at them. Regardless, “praise the Dog” and “don’t kill Miriel”. Please.

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