Updates and information about Elden Ring are pouring in from all sides as it’s nearing its slated release date. As you may well know by now, Elden Ring is all set to release on February 25, 2022. You might also be aware that recently a closed beta test of the game was conducted from 10th November to 15th November 2021. During these sessions, many players took to their streaming accounts to share loads of information about the game. This also included a lot of gameplay videos in which something funny happened.

Gravity Rocks!

In today’s gaming world every studio wants to provide an ultra-realistic and immersive experience to the fans. In most open-world games fall damage is something that gives players a hard time but at the same time, keeps things realistic. Some players use this to their advantage by pushing their opponents off high grounds and letting gravity do its work.

Though it is common to do this to general mobs and easy opponents, this is hardly the case with bosses. Bosses are generally designed to be hard, and they are smart enough to not lose their footing easily. Seems like that is not the case with Elden Ring as many players performed this trick to beat the boss.

Margit literally fell lol from Eldenring

Many players in the beta test were able to kill the Flying Dragon Agheel using gravity as their savior. They lured the dragon up on top of a nearby ledge and then climbed down the hill. In an attempt to swipe the player with its claws, it lost its footing and fell down the ledge. Earlier it seemed as if it would climb down the hill as well but alas, it wasn’t that smart.

Requires Work?

Watch out guys. Its slippery out there. from Eldenring

Now the question is that is it supposed to happen or does it require work? If this is supposed to happen, then fights in this epic game would prove to be a joke. The boss Agheel fell hardly 15 meters and died, which shows that the fall damage to even bosses is insane. But this should not be the case and yeah, it definitely requires some work. That is exactly what these tests are for, right?

Take Valheim as an example; it has been in early access for almost a year now and players are still finding things that need improvements. But the debut indie studio’s commitment to making the game better is what makes it a great title. Elden Ring on the other hand has a lot of hype around it and is the most anticipated game right now. Though these are some minor flaws that can be corrected in an update or two, Elden Ring needs to deliver.

It’s always a good idea for such a highly anticipated game to release when it’s well-polished and has minimum flaws. Bandai Namco won’t want Elden Ring to share the same fate as Cyberpunk 2077 did. So, with the release nearing, it is quintessential to fix such flaws and ready the game for the global release.

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