Elden Ring How to upgrade spirit ash
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Despite its February release, Elden Ring appears to be a lock for the game of the year in 2022. The fantasy game from From Software boasts one of the best open-world settings ever built, as well as the satisfying combat system we’ve come to expect from the Dark Souls creator.

Fans’ only critique is that there is no mission tracker, making it impossible to keep track of what’s going on. Thankfully, one fan has developed an Elden Ring app called Shattered Ring to address this issue.

Shattered Ring: This useful companion app lets you keep track of your progress in Elden Ring.

FromSoftware games aren’t known for being generous with information, which is an intentional design choice meant to add to its complexity. Despite this, the ability to track quests has been a popular feature request since fans first played the game. And you can now do that owing to The Shattered Ring application.

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Image Courtesy of shattered_ring via Twitter

The iOS app allows you to add quests and comments to your toon’s to-do list, as well as view which NPCs gave you each quest and filter your toon’s to-do list by completed and incomplete tasks. Locations can also include useful information such as nearby amenities and NPCs.

Available on iOS

Shattered Ring is an iOS software created by Elden Ring player Dachary Carey. They began by taking notes while playing the game, but after struggling to read their self-admittedly awful handwriting, they decided to create an app instead. The fact that the software does not have to be for Elden Ring adds to its uniqueness.
It may be used for any game that doesn’t track your progress as extensively, as well as tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, as explained by shattered ring on Twitter. Shattered Ring is a $2.99 app available on the Apple App Store.
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