Why The Elder Scrolls 6 is Still a Long Shot

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls 6 has been creating a buzz on the internet. Here’s why it’s just a rumor.

No official announcement

No official announcement has been made yet. In contrary, the vice president of Bethesda and the PR head of Skyrim (and other games like the Fallout series) said this:

fyi, the elder scrolls vi isn’t in development. we simply said we would make it eventually. don’t want people to be misled

Now you tell me, why would a decent, respectable 46-year old man lie to us in public?

It’s a possibility, just like how other game franchises have sequel possibilities. The game is not under development, as far as I’m concerned.

Now, yes, there are cases when employees and senior workers don’t make such things public. This is called leaking and nobody likes to be associated with that term. So perhaps, he’s just waiting for a better time to announce TES6.

The memo leak

Now let’s talk about what started this debate. There has been a memo leak originally posted on NewsVine (here’s the article). The memo clearly speculates The Elder Scrolls VI and Project Greenheart (Greenheart is in the largely-wild province of Valenwood in Tamriel). This can be fake, and has been called fake by people from Bethesda.

Greenheart could mean The Elder Scrolls 6: Valenwood, as conjectured by the YouTube channel ESO. Here’s the video:

Even the video says that the game might release in 2019 or 2020. And we pretty much expect that already.

Skyrim 2

What is Skyrim 2? Total bullcrap.

The Elder Scrolls V was called Skyrim, Skyrim is a region in TES universe. That is to say, The Elder Scrolls V was set in Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls IV was called Oblivion. There’s nothing like Skyrim 2.

Now, there’s speculation that there will be a Skyrim 2 titled spin-off that will be much different from TESV: Skyrim. The reason for this speculation includes the Nintendo Switch reveal for the most part.

What this actually means is basically a Skyrim for Nintendo Switch and not a Skyrim 2 titled spin-off. Bethesda’s Todd Howard has supported Nintendo’s console and given a hint towards the possibility of the development of such a game.

In an interview, he didn’t want to commit to TES6 in any way, to give false hope. “It’s not what you would call a big, active project right now,” he said. He also mentioned that Bethesda is working on other higher priority projects.

If Skyrim’s next instalment (for a different platform, or maybe a Skyrim 2 really) is under development, then TES6: TheNextRegionName is a long shot. But Skyrim 2, the term itself, is quite senseless.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Map of Tamriel

Wrapping up

IGN has speculated that Bethesda has been working on The Elder Scrolls 6. I won’t repeat whatever’s been said in the video. Just that it’s worth a watch.

Either way, don’t get your hopes high. It’s a long shot. Yes, TES6 will be coming, but anywhere in 3-6 or more years.

It can be Valenwood, it can be Argonia, it can be anything.

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