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Have you ever wondered about Eleven and Wanda against each other? They are two of the most beloved and powerful female superhero characters in this generation and most likely in the next one too. Both of them have a lot of similarities, especially with their powers.

It would be very interesting to know who is going to win against each other. However, if we put them together at this current point of time knowing Wanda has turned into the Scarlet Witch and Eleven from season 4. The answer would be pretty obvious because we saw how powerful the Scarlet Witch is in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

So let’s put up a twist. We’re going to take a look between Eleven and Wanda both at the age of 15 against each other. But first, we should get to know them a bit.

Eleven a.k.a Jane Hopper (Portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown)
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Since birth, Eleven has been taken away from her mother. She was put into a lab in Hawkins, Indiana, and grew up there in the hands of Dr. Martin Brenner. Eleven has telekinetic, telepathy, and she can open/close the gate in the Upside Down.

Along with other children in the lab, she does exams and practices to enhance her power or her gift like what Dr. Brenner says. But Eleven wasn’t like the rest of the children. She was told to be the strongest and cannot be controlled not even 001 a.k.a Vecna.

There’s no exact explanation in the show of how she got her powers. In every season, she discovers more of her powers and abilities and she becomes stronger. Especially in season 4, Eleven is now capable of defeating Vecna with her powers.

Wanda Maximoff (Portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen)
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When Wanda was young, she and her twin brother Pietro decided to join genetic experimentation under the control of HYDRA. There, they both discovered each of their abilities. Wanda’s powers are telekinesis, energy manipulation, and telepathy.

Wanda’s powers were strengthened and absorbed when she touched the Mind Stone from Loki’s scepter during lab experimentation. Even the staff was shocked when’s still alive after her counter with the scepter. She later then becomes a part of the Avengers along with the other heroes.

She tries to discover more of her power and abilities and then got stronger in the movies up until when she fully became the Scarlet Witch in Wandavision. Her full potential as the Scarlet Witch brought so much madness in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Eleven and Wanda’s power similarities

Disclaimer: Wanda’s powers are based on before she became the Scarlet Witch.

  • They both have telekinesis meaning they can manipulate and move objects by just using their minds.
  • Eleven can go inside someone’s mind and see what they’re doing by going into the void. While Wanda can effortlessly read someone’s mind.
  • Wanda can go flying around and Eleven can levitate both using their powers.
  • The two of them can kill people at once by also just using their minds.
Now, who would win if they are both 15-year-olds?

If we compare them together at this same age during their own time. Eleven is more experienced at this point especially after gaining her powers again through the NINA Project by Dr. Brenner in season 4. Meanwhile, Wanda at this age has not discovered her full potential yet using her powers and in battles.

Even if they both have similar powers such as telekinesis, Eleven would be fast and more deadly than Wanda during this age. Eleven is also more aggressive than Wanda who is still sort of gentle. But the cons of Eleven are she tends to pass out or tend to be weakened whenever she uses her power to the maximum intent.

That would be the hole Wanda can take advantage of but is also a risk. She might get killed when Eleven uses her maximum power. However, Wanda would certainly still give a good fight against Eleven. It would be a great and interesting battle between people who both have telekinesis.

But in the end, Eleven has a high chance of defeating Wanda if they are both 15-year-old in the same time.

We hope to see Eleven and Wanda in a crossover

It would the ultimate dream for both Stranger Things and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans to see these two powerful heroes in one show or movie. Millie Bobby Brown and Elizabeth Olsen are truly amazing actresses, they certainly gave their characters justice in portraying them.

So there’s no doubt why many fans all over the world love them. If Eleven and Wanda can’t have a crossover together, we can only hope for Millie and Elizabeth to be both included in a project soon.

Look at them when they met together back in 2017. So imagine now the power of them together on one screen? Producers, writers, and casting directors should take notes because the potential is there.

What to look forward to with Eleven and Wanda in their respective franchise?

Eleven is set to be back for the final season of Stranger Things. While there are no official announcements yet for Wanda to be back in MCU again after her appearance in the sequel of Doctor Strange.

Until then, let’s wait for further announcements on their official social media accounts.

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