Eminem concert on Fortnite: All Highlights from the Big Bang Live Event

Fortnite Big Bang live event Eminem

Fortnite took things to a whole other level with their latest Big Bang live event which featured an in-game concert performance from the legendary rapper Eminem. The battle royale game hosted the event to tease the future of the game (concluding Fortnite OG) thus pushing the boundaries of virtual entertainment. Here are all the highlights from Fortnite’s Big Bang live event including the hyped-up Eminem concert.

Exploring Eminem’s Explosive Performance

First, let’s address the Slim Shady-shaped elephant in the room. Eminem delivered an electrifying performance of Lose Yourself set in a game that resembled the aesthetics of the iconic Guitar Hero. Players participated by hitting notes in sync with the music making it a completely immersive experience.

While many knew about Eminem’s involvement in the game, the live performance during the 11-minute stream of the Big Bang live event still left many pleasantly surprised. The concert progressed as players discovered new cosmic wonders like black holes and portals teasing the game’s immediate future.

The 51-year-old rapper’s arrival on Fortnite marks the game’s fourth major in-game musical event. Previously, they had collaborated with big names like Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. Eminem finished things with his track Godzilla, as he transformed into a similar colossal fire-breathing figure in the game.

Other Highlights from the Big Bang Event

Some exciting revelations were in store for Fortnite fans as iconic and offbeat characters like Peter Griffin from Family Guy are all set to make their entry into the battle royale game’s ever-expanding universe. The upcoming Chapter 5 also promises players an entire LEGO Fortnite survival crafting game. 

Apart from Eminem’s performance, the Big Bang live event took players on a nostalgic journey through Fortnite’s past. It showcased rocket launches and meteor crashes as they went through different portals, each with its own unique theme. 

The LEGO Fortnite variation was particularly striking and now fans can’t wait to explore the island filled with LEGO characters who are busy with battles and construction. Coming up next is also a futuristic race called Rocket Racing. The game is reminiscent of Rocket League, and in fact, made by the same game’s creators Psyonix

More about Fortnite’s Upcoming Season

The Big Bang Event treated players to a glimpse of Fortnite’s upcoming Chapter 5 Season 1. The new ‘Underground’ theme promises an exciting clash between the Society and the Underground. The new added features like LEGO Fortnite drop on December 7 while Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival (Guitar Hero equivalent) launch on the subsequent consecutive days. 

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