Indie Hunt – Top 5 Indie Games Every Week: Ep. 2

Indie Hunt - Episode 2

From a business simulator to a wacky horror — this Hunt features great ‘coming soon’ indie games.

Not everyone has time for looking out for indie game releases. And we don’t want people to miss such great games. These games are made using no funding or crowd-sourced funding, so obviously they can’t spend on marketing and advertisement. While they’re really creative, we miss them amid the heat that surrounds big shot game studio releases. This is Indie Hunt, Episode 2.

That won’t happen anymore. Every week, we’ll release an episode of Indie Hunt that you can check out for some really offbeat and creative games.

One thing, the release dates of indie games is quite unpredictable. They always find glitches they want to correct, while in some cases they’re just waiting for more funding to update the game. You shouldn’t believe the dates provided 100%.

5. The MorgueThe Morgue

One line summary: A survival horror game with no instructions and multiple endings. The gameplay is really scary.

The Morgue is another experimentation in the survival horror genre. This first-person game is set up in a morgue where you’re playing Hayden Holcomb. You wake up from a “deep slumber” and you have take swift decisions.

Based on your decisions, the plotline will be different and thus the outcome as well.

Ambient sound is really good. Textures are not particularly interesting. Lighting totally suits the gameplay (courtesy the gameplay video of the Kickstarter demo by Swedish YouTuber Zalzar).

Facts: For Windows, Mac, and Linux; created in Unity; single player stealth horror game already on Steam Greenlight.

Links: Kickstarter; Greenlight; IndieDB; no official website.

4. The PianoThe Piano

One line summary: A third-person horror mystery game about a pianist. Average graphics, great sound, amazing storytelling.

In my experience, every once a while an indie game comes that might not beat other games on the graphics, budget, or interactivity benchmarks — but it beats them on storytelling.

The Piano features a great story that’s been showcased beautifully. Everything from the game atmosphere to dialogs and gameplay to sound compliments the concept of the game.

Although it’s classified as a horror, it’s not a true horror game but more like a mystery-crime-thriller combo.

Paris, 1940s. You’re a pianist, John Barnerway. Your famous brothers have been murdered, and the press and people blame you. You have mental illness to make things worse. Among all that — you’re trying to solve the mystery behind their deaths.

Facts: For Windows only; created in Unity; single player game already Greenlit.

Links: Greenlight; IndieDB; official website.

3. Tech Executive TycoonTech Executive Tycoon

One line summary: A fresh business management strategy game that has lovable and fluid graphics. Not for everyone, though.

Tech Executive Tycoon is not a game most gamers will appreciate. Most gamers want action and adventure. This game has neither bullets nor swords. But without all that glitter — this game has one thing some gamers absolutely crave: strategy-making.

When I first stumbled upon the game, I knew it was built for guys like me. Guys who love strategy gaming and money both.

The game is about you being the CEO of an entertainment technology company where you take crucial decisions that will either make or break your company.

The game looks quite inflexible, like rigid in gameplay. I hope you understand what I mean. Navigating around can be tough and heavily time-consuming. That’s my idea.

The CGI is smooth. Lighting brilliant. It’s almost like you’re playing around in a 3D model set you made in Maya.

Facts: For Windows, Mac, Linux; created in Unity; single player realistic simulation game coming this December..

Links: IndieDB; official website.

2. Dungeon KingdomDungeon Kingdom

One line summary: Simplistic dungeon game with admirable graphics. Not too original.

Enough of original games. Dungeon Kingdom is the modern take on remastering dungeon exploration games. This game gives the concept of adventure-puzzle dungeon games a fresh look.

The game’s interactions are lovely and easy to use. It will take a while to learn this game effectively, that’s for sure. Walking pace could be corrected, it feels like you’re playing Quake without guns.

The difficulty of challenges is something I can’t comment on because this genre of games is one of the fields I’m a total noob in.

The trailer, artworks, and rendered gameplay screenshots are really great. The fantasy story that backs up the game is quite interesting as well. The four heroes you will explore the dangerous places with are all sexy. You can give them items that can be later used for proceeding in the game.

The environments are well done, especially the backgrounds. You can’t see the four characters so that’s a bummer. For example, one hero is using a torch to light up the tunnel ahead. He’s like 5 feet away from the camera (your eyes). Yet he’s not really there, you got to assume he is.

And, there’s a demon. The one inside you.

Facts: For computers and smartphones both, probably all platforms; created in Unity; single player fantasy role-playing game. Release will be further postponed from December 2016.

Links: Greenlight; IndieDB; crowdfunding on Indiegogo; official website.

1. Featured: EmpathyEmpathy

One line summary: Empathy is a post-apocalyptic game where you navigate through beautifully laid-out landscapes and cityscapes to save and help others, through other people’s past and memories.

This game sounds boring to some. And rightfully so. The gameplay isn’t much exciting either. You’re either strolling on dangerous railroads or steering through acres of grasslands. But the message of the story is clear cut delivered.

The game is about “emotions, good intentions and desperate measures.” The game solely focuses on emotions throughout the journeys you’ll undertake. Complimented by absolutely beautiful UE4 lighting and environment — the game becomes catchy and attached to your soul.

Storytelling and exploration are the core pillars of the game. The world is diverse. Your job is to discover the many wonders that lie in this broken, dying world through the memories and the pasts of other people. The atmosphere is surrealistic. In the end, you’d have achieved a balanced world.

Facts: For Windows and Mac; created in Unreal Engine 4; first-person noire adventure game. Will most probably release in the first quarter of 2017.

Links: Steam information page; IndieDB; official website.