Getting a game for free is certainly a dream of every player in the world. That dream almost came true for those who purchased the latest FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition in the EPIC Games Store. Many fans were delighted and surprised by the sudden price of the game during its pre-order period. Therefore, a lot of them immediately bought it while it lasts.

The original price for the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition would usually cost around $99.99. However, fans only got it for only $0.06 which is almost 99.99% off. With this unusual happening in a huge video game like FIFA 23 that became nearly free. It turns out to be a mistake on the side of EA Sports and Epic Games Store.

As they realize the error, they quickly took the wrong listing price down. But how did this too-good-to-be-true incident happen? And what is going to happen for those who got the game at its lowest price? We are going to provide you with the answers in this article.

Get to know the reason why FIFA 23 got listed for an almost free price at the Epic Games Store

  • Both EA Sports and Epic Games Store did not specify the exact reason why the incident took place. Nonetheless, it looks like it was an honest mistake after all. As they also admitted it through an email indicating that they have put an incorrect price.
  • They sent an email to all the people who got the game in the listing mistake. From then, they also took the responsibility to the next level.
EA Sports is going the acknowledge the purchases
  • With the email sent to all the buyers, they are going to honor and allow their purchase at the same price they got it. They can keep the game and play soon once it’s out. It is certainly a very great deal knowing the original price of the game.
  • This is a nice gesture from EA Sports acknowledging the mistake made since it’s not the fault of the fans. In most situations, wrong listing prices are being refunded to the buyers instead. Kudos to them!

When is the release date of FIFA 23?
  • The release date for this game is on September 30, Friday this year. So you may still purchase to pre-order the game for its original price here.
  • Moreover, enjoy this game on different game platforms too. The game is going to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, and Steam on PC.

You may also want to check out the gameplay trailer of the game below.

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