Epic Games, Fortnite Generate $100 Million Donation for Ukraine

Fortnite - Thank You Donation

Starting off Fortnite’s newest season, Epic Games announced that it will be committing the game’s proceeds to Ukraine. All in-game purchases made from March 20 to April 3 are going to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Although other games have done the same, Fortnite achieved a milestone by raising over $100 million USD in less than two weeks.

Fortnite and Epic Games set a new record with money raised for Ukraine

Just five days ago, Fornite’s official Twitter account announced that the donations for Ukraine reached $70 million USD. This is an incredible feat in itself, but Fortnite players thought that their $70 million USD contribution to Ukraine wasn’t enough. So, they tried to see how far they can go with the donations. As of today, Fortnite and its kind-hearted community were able to raise $100 million USD for the humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

Even before Fortnite and Epic Games launched this initiative, many other gaming studios came up with their own concepts on how to help Ukraine. Indie and mainstream gaming studios put together bundles people can avail. The proceeds from these bundles would then go to organizations helping out the people in Ukraine, especially those affected by war.

Fortnite - Chapter 3 Season 2 Cover
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

But this feat from the Fortnite community sets a new record for the largest donation to Ukraine. Other donations from gaming studios like the Humble Bundle Ukraine package and itch.io bundle raised $20 million USD and $6 million USD respectively.

$100 million USD will surely go a long way in helping the people of Ukraine get back on their feet after Russia’s declaration of war with them.

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