Epic Games Grit
Image Courtesy of Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store will soon be home to its first game to use blockchain technology: GRIT, a combat royale set in the Wild West.

For a game that has been in development for some time, GRIT is hardly a surprise. Nonetheless, a recent revelation by its new publisher Gala Games has made this Wild West-themed combat royale all the buzz. They are a company that specializes in cryptocurrency, NFT, and others linked to the blockchain.

GRIT will be available on Epic Games thanks to a partnership revealed by Gala Games at a recent event in Malta.

To put it another way, we have no idea if this is an actual partnership or just a fancy technique to announce the debut of their project on this particular platform. Whatever the case may be, now that GRIT’s release date in this digital shop has been confirmed, the facts are out. Currently, it is the only NFT title available on the Epic Games Store.

GRIT already had a Steam page prior to Gala Games’ involvement. This economic model was previously rejected by Valve by amending its restrictions to ban video games that use blockchain. Meanwhile, NFT games were welcomed by the Epic Games Store. This is, of course, as long as they passed the legal requirements for blockchain use.

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GRIT’s initial focus was not on NFTs.

However, this new collaboration has allowed the company to integrate token sales into its platform. The first surprise pack contains 19,000 Gala, with a value of more than $1,000.

In addition to the bundle of random characters, those who went to the GRIT presentation at the Gala Games event were able to obtain a unique mount with an “Epic” rating. However, this has become the 3D model of a horse that can be acquired for just $29.99 in the Epic Games asset shop. This has sparked accusations of fraud over the contents of the surprise packages.

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