Escape From Tarkov: Gun Manufacturer Allegedly “Stole” AK-47 Design

Battlestate Games has developed the shooter game Escape From Tarkov. A range of weapons is naturally available in the game. However, Battlestate Games faces accusations from indie studio Ward B for stealing a weapon design.

Ward B has shared very detailed weapon designs for the upcoming title Oceanic. The EPM28 Mastodon is one of these weapons. Ward B’s CEO Marcellino Sauceda has stated that this gun appears in Escape From Tarkov.


However, it has been found that the design was not stolen by Battlestate Games. This was traced back to a deal between Ward B and Maxim Kuzin.

  • The deal was to adapt the design into a real-life gun. Kuzin is a proclaimed “producer of industrial projects.” Kalashnikov Concern, the original manufacturer of the AK-47, is also one of his clients.
  • However, Kuzin stopped contact with Ward B after some time. Ward B assumed that the deal was off. In August 2020, Kalashnikov Concern revealed the Ultima with no credits to Ward B. Moreover, Kalashnikov Concern licensed the gun design to Escape From Tarkov.


Marcellino Sauceda believes that EPM28 Mastodon and Ultima have very similar properties. This includes aesthetics, color, general shape, and more. Moreover, EMP28’s elements in the receiver and handguard have been imitated for or apparent reason. However, what really got to Ward B was an L-shaped indentation on Ultima. Many guns in Oceanic contain this as a visual motif.

Kunzin did not respond to Ward B’s attempts to contact him. However, Kunzin finally did respond after things began to heat up. He stated that he had designed the gun from scratch along with another Russian designer before licensing it to Escape From Tarkov.

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