Betting on Esports

Betting on eSports seems to have gotten some track and is now a popular choice for many people across the globe. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because playing games are fun and making bets on their outcome can be just as fun. There are plenty of esports betting markets that can satisfy your betting needs.

But before you go and try to make a bet, we first need to talk about what the types of bets and how you can use them for your benefit.

Types of eSports bets

You might see that the most used typed of bet for your favourite eSports games is the pretty straightforward Match Winner bet. This type of bet sums up what its title says. If you bet on the team that wins, then you will win the pot as well.

But with every game comes a plethora of options and that’s where everything becomes fun.


A popular choice for many gamblers, Counter-Strike Global Offensive offers a fast-paced gameplay that can provide the necessary thrills for almost anyone. For example, there are bets to be placed on the team that wins the first Pistol Round. It will be a great experience for anyone that enjoys first-person shooters.

League of Legends

Another popular game, LoL is a real-time strategy product that offers a different gameplay than Counter-Strike. This gameplay will allow gamblers to bet on which team will kill the baron, or who kills the dragon miniboss first.

What’s nice about these wagers is the fact that it doesn’t matter who wins the match in the end, so a losing team might still lead to you making a few bucks along the way.

Basic types of wagers

Up next, you will see a list of the basic types of bets that you can make at any eSports tournament.

A draw is when you wager that the match will end with neither of the teams as the victor.

Group of winner: Instead of choosing a team that will win the tournament, you will choose a group which you think that contains the winner.

Group winner: Provided that the teams are organized into groups, you can choose who will win the group. Not the tournament, the group.

Handicap is when you offer an advantage to the underdog or you disadvantage the favourite. It makes the bet a little more exciting.

The outright winner is when you choose who you believe is capable of winning the whole tournament.

Special types of bets

Depending on the game, you can find some special bets as well. Here’s a list of what you can find:

First blood is when you are choosing a team that will score the first kill. It works with both CSGO and LoL.

Map winner is when you are choosing a team that is capable of winning the specified map. This bet can work for both CSGO and LoL.

For CSGO, you may also find bets like Knife Round (who wins a round played just with knives), or Pistol Round (mentioned above).


So it’s time to wrap up. I hope the article was informative. What are your thoughts on Betting? Let us know in the comments below.

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