News saying esports will be/might be/needs to be a part of the next Olympics were on the internet since the beginning of 2015. None of them were verified or factually true, until now.

Tony Estanguet, co-president of the Paris Olympic bid committee, told The Associated Press that he will hold talks with esports representatives and the IOC about the possibility of gaming joining the 2024 program.

Sometimes back, it was made official that epsorts will be a solid part of the Asian Games from 2022. And now, it is time for us to rise high with the Olympics Games. Olympics is the world’s biggest sport event, no doubt. And to watch videogames being played in such an honored and prestigious event, is something we never imagined of. Paris will be confirmed as 2024 hosts at an International Olympic Committee gathering in Lima, Peru next month after its only competitor, Los Angeles, agreed to take the 2028 Games.

“We have to look at it because we can’t say, ‘It’s not us. It’s not about Olympics,’” said Estanguet. “The youth, yes they are interested in esport and this kind of thing. Let’s look at it. Let’s meet them. Let’s try if we can find some bridges. I don’t want to say ‘no’ from the beginning. I think it’s interesting to interact with the IOC, with them, the esports family, to better understand what the process is and why it is such a success.”

Will Esports be a part of the 2022 Paris Olympics? This will be decided and confirmed after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. All we can do for now, is hope for the best.