Esports Summit 2019 – Everything You Need To Know

Esports Summit 2019

India is a large country. And as large as it is, we’re witnessing development and technical advancements every single day. In fact, we’re becoming a part of it. Esports, a billion-dollar sector and one of the trendiest markets in today’s world, is spreading its existence across the subcontinent. And in context to that, let’s talk about India’s very first Esports Summit of 2019.

Mauritius-based Dveo Media is specialised in the organisation of Conference Events. Led by CEO Deepak Ramsurrun, the company is partnering with Esports Federation of India (ESFI) to hold its first Esports Summit 2019 on 18th April at Courtyard by Marriott, Andheri East, Mumbai.

“The objective of Esports Summit 2019 (Mumbai) is to bring together publishers & various stakeholders in gaming, sports and entertainment industries to network and share insights on the opportunities and challenges of Esports in India and explore its future impact”, the company wrote in its press release.

The summit will cover certain key topics –

  • the growth drivers of the video games industry in India
  • the growing importance of Esports in global markets
  • the reasons to invest in Indian Esports
  • the possible impact of Esports
  • how to optimize marketing for Esports events
  • merchandising and advertising opportunities of Indian Esports
  • the incredible opportunity for young talented Indian Esports Athletes

With this summit, the organisers want to open doors of knowledge to different stakeholders in the industry, investors, game publishers, esports enthusiasts, media entertainment and telecom companies, marketing and merchandising strategists and esports athletes.

“After pioneering events on Digital Video Business and Kids & Animation, Dveo Media is proud to launch the Esports Summit 2019 (Mumbai) in association with Esports Federation of India”, CEO Deepak Ramsurrun wrote. “With the participation of key leaders in this industry, the conference will be a good opportunity to look at Esports from different perspectives: publishers, platforms, players and brands, and evaluate its future impact. If you want to know more about Esports, this is a must-attend event!”

Some Key Executive Speakers

“Esports has garnered a lot of interest in India, but there are gaps in understanding of the What, Who and Why in this domain”, wrote Lokesh Suji, Director of Esports Federation of India. “In line with our mission & endeavours of growing the sport and building a sustained esports ecosystem in India, we are pleased to associate with Dveo Media to organize India’s first Esports Summit. We encourage stakeholders in Esports to make the best of Esports Summit 2019 and the learning opportunities with industry experts”.

Written alongside the reputed SportsKeeda, Republic TV and IMW Buzz is Spiel Times as one of the official online media partners for the summit. We’ll be posting updates, news, announcements and all-around coverage of Esports Summit 2019 to an extent our resources allow.

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