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Today, I have some great news for the “Indian Clash Royale Community” and all the challengers out there. ESWC PGW or Electronic Sports World Cup @ Paris Games Week 2017 is very close. Now, what is ESWC? Well, technically it is a pioneering and leading international eSports event that is held in Paris every year. In the [email protected] event, the best players from different countries assemble together to fight for their glory.

Now that you know what ESWC is, in brief, let’s head onto the main story. For the Electronic Sports World Cup this year, the organization has reserved an exclusive place for the – Best Indian Challenger. Let me explain.

© ESWC-PGW 2016

ESWC is a prestigious event where gamers from different countries try their level best to put their best foot forward and earn the honour to represent their country. For us, it is Nodwin Gaming that has made it possible for the top talent of our country to represent India at the ESWC Paris, since 2012.

Basically, to reach the ESWC Stage in Paris, you’ll have to participate in the Qualifier Rounds against hundreds of other players, fighting with the same ambition. One out of the odds shall emerge victorious and represent India at the ESWC this year.

Now if you think, you have the potential to sit in the top of the ladders, then go ahead! Register yourself for the qualifiers now! The initial round of the qualifiers will run from September 28th to 30th. The top 4 qualifiers will engage with one another in the national finals, which will take place on the 2nd of October. The winner here will then earn the coveted honour of representing India at this global event.

Nodwin Gaming even finances the travel and accommodation of the top players to attend the main event in Paris, France. So friend, focus on your game. For the rest, Nodwin Gaming is there. The Indian Clash Royale community is a huge one, and I hope we see a huge number of participants for the qualifier rounds.


Game: Clash Royale

Platform: Mobile

Mode: 1v1

Format: Single Elimination – Bo3. The Semi-finals will follow a Bo3, Round Robin format. The Final will be a Bo5.

Tournament Dates:

Qualifiers: 28-29-30 September 2017

Semi-Finals and Finals: 17:00 – 21:00 IST Monday, 2 October 2017


REGISTRATIONS CLOSE – Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 13:00 IST

© ESWC-PGW 2016

For the Clash Royale tournament, there will be 47 other players from different countries fighting for Rs. 11,56,020 (15,000€). Honestly, that’s a huge prize to bat eyes on.

This is the second time an individual will be representing India at the ESWC PGW for Clash Royale. Last year, Dhruvin Kalavadia did the honour of representing our country at the international stages and made the entire Indian gaming community proud.

If you want to have more details on the event, how things work or other information, these links will help you –

And finally,


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