Everreach: Project Eden The Indie Sci-Fi RPG Now Has A Release Date

This was years of development in the making!

After years of development, Headup Games and Elder Games are ready to publish Everreach: Project Eden. In fact, today they announced the official release window and released a new trailer.

Everreach follows the story of Nora Harwood, a member of the security division of Everreach Corporation. Venture into the planet Eden to ensure that colonization proceeds smoothly, but you will encounter a series of mysterious events that require your intervention. You will have to explore the depths of Eden and defend yourself from the hostile alien creatures that inhabit it. This is a third-person shooter, with Nora able to enhance her skills throughout history through a tree of 3D skills.

Both Headup and Elder Games have worked on Everreach for several years. The game initially started as a project by a single developer, Ede Tarsoly. But Ede is now supported by various industry professionals, including Mai-Anh Tran who has worked on the films of WarCraft and Star Trek: Beyond; Michelle Clough, writer for the Mass Effect trilogy; DC Douglas, which many will remember as Wesker’s voice in the Resident Evil series.

Everreach: Project Eden will be released on PC and Xbox One in September. A version for PlayStation 4 is in the works and is ready for release by the end of 2019.


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