UPDATE: ESL India Premiership will be broadcasted on National Television. More details will be out soon.

Original Story: India’s biggest and most-loved esports tournament series is ready to set another new record this year. Nazara Technologies, one of India’s leading mobile gaming giants recently acquired the organisers of this prestigious esports celebration – Nodwin Gaming. This has resulted in a massive boost in Nodwin’s overall operations. Read the complete article by clicking this line. 

Every year, ESL India Premiership had maintained a decorum increasing more participants, more engagements and of course, everyone’s favourite, more prize pool. Last year, the prize pool sat at 60 Lacs INR. This year though, the organisers increased the prize pool and rounded it off to a whopping 1 Crore INR. Check out previous year’s version as well.


The games will remain the same – Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Clash Royale. This time though, we’re sure to see a heavy increase in the participation for each of the disciplines due to events like U Cypher, that brought esports to Indian Television, making it accessible to the general Indian audience.

How The Tournament Works

Starter Cup

Every participant will register themselves on ESL’s official website for the Starter Cup. It will follow single-elimination format and only 128 individuals/teams will be allowed in each Starter. The promotion-relegation process at the end of each phase will see the top two teams proceed to the Challenger Cup. Don’t worry, there were always three Starters. If you can’t make it to the Challengers at first attempt, you’ve two more chances. *Life is all about second chances, you know*

Challenger Cup

Then comes the Challenger Cup. It will introduce a double-elimination format, where 8 teams will fight to retain their stop in the league through the three phases in every season – Summer, Fall and Winter. At the end of every season, ESL India Premiership will reward the top four teams with a promotion to the Master League.

Master League

This time around, the Master League will become a highly competitive affair. The participant numbers have been bumped up to 12 slots from the original 8. Similarly, the Master League will function independent of the other two leagues and guarantees an uninterrupted run of 66 matches. That’s a lot! ESL India will stream all the matches on their Facebook page and YouTube Channel. No television broadcast this time. The promotion-relegation process at the end of the season will see the bottom four teams drop down and get replace by four promising teams from the Challenger Cup.

More To Come

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