Everything Razer Announced This CES 2020

Razer has been surprising us every CES and this year is no different. Further, Razer has announced a bunch of new products this year ranging from mobile controllers to entire racing game simulators. Moreover, here is everything Razer announced at this year’s CES.

Starting big; Razer’s racing game simulator.

Razer has announced, you guessed it, a massive racing game simulator. For full immersion, the simulator has a few awesome features like a Rigid chassis, 3 “high-performance hydraulic pedals”, G-Force Seatbelts and a “motion platform” which is supposed to fully suspend you for full immersion.

Razer’s New Desktop; The Razer Tomahawk 

The Razer Tomahawk is a continuation of Razer’s Project Christine which was a concept that was seen back in CES 2014, however, this year we have the new Razer Tomahawk. It is a fully-modular desktop which is very user-friendly. The Razer Tomahawk is compact, with mobile CPUs (up to i9-chips), but desktop GPUs connected via a daughterboard found at the very bottom of the case.


Razer’s new mobile controller; The Razer Kishi

Thirdly, and possibly less interesting is Razer’s new mobile controllers for mobile-gaming enthusiasts. The controllers snap on each other side of the phone, sort of like Joy-cons on the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, Sila

Sila is Razer’s new 5G router, which according to Razer, is a router that “re-defines the standards of ultra-low latency and connectivity”. In other words, Sila is made for cloud gaming-ease as we see more cloud gaming implementations such as Stadia or Microsoft’s xCloud.


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