Everything we know about 2023 K-drama Bad Mother- Cast, Release Date, and More!

JTBC K-drama 2023 Bad Mother, Ra Mi-ran, Lee Do-hyun, Release Date

JTBC reveals its line-up for the 2023 K-drama Bad Mother, including Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-Hyun. Let’s find out more about this healing comedy.


JTBC unveils new healing comedy K-drama

The production team of JTBC’s new K-drama Bad Mother, also known as Bad Mom unveils the final lineup of the work today.

  • Bad Mother is about the loss of happiness of a mother, Young-soon, who has no choice but to be a bad mother to her child due to an unexpected accident. It is a healing comedy promising to move the audience with entertainment. It portrays the journey of a mother and child who set out to find true happiness.
  • Director Shim Na-Yeon is working on this drama. She is famous for her dramas Beyond Evil and At Eighteen, both covering sensitive topics with heartfelt emotions.

  • Bae Se-young will add more flair to this drama as a scriptwriter. She is well-known for her sharp and ironic humor through the films Life is Beautiful, Extreme Job, and Intimate Strangers. Due to this unique collab expectations are higher than ever for this touching healing drama. Above all, fans are excited about the on-screen meeting of Ra Mi-ran, and Lee Do-Hyun.
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The Cast of K-drama Bad Mother 2023

Ra Mi-Ran takes on the role of Young-Soon, a bad mother. As a single parent, she has been living a tenacious life to protect her son. She runs a pig farm and often makes compromises under the burdens. Ra Mi-ran will make viewers laugh and cry by portraying the bitter changes of Yeong-soon when she is sorry. Fans look forward to her eccentric maternal love.

  • Youth of May famed Lee Do-Hyun transforms into Kang-ho in JTBC’s Bad Mother. He leads a fast and dignified life as a cold-blooded prosecutor due to his mother’s plan. He harbors his secrets and chases success, ignoring his mother, however, he becomes a child due to an unexpected accident. Now, he will have to live a new life with his bad mother and find happiness.
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  • Lee Do-Hyun will face the challenge of acting as a ruthless prosecutor and an innocent Kang-ho. The actor expressed his views on this in a press conference saying the many difficult moments evoke excitement rather than fear thanks to the K-dramas cast and crew.
  • Ahn Eun-Jin as Mi-Joo is a strong character with a deep heart who can’t stand injustice. She returns to her hometown after burning all her bridges and becoming broke. Here, she faces a new challenge when she reunites with Kang-ho. Her presence is expected to add more twists and perspectives to the drama with laughter.
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Synopsis and Release Date of Bad Mother

Bad Mother is listed to release in early 2023 through the production channel JTBC. Its tentative release date is yet to be announced, however, the drama will follow the Wednesday-Thursday schedule. We will update the article following the new announcements.

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