Everything You Need To Know About Marvel’s Avengers’ New Gameplay Information

PlayStation 4 has early access!

Today at Comic-Con in San Diego, Marvel Games offered a closer look at what fans can expect from Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics for Marvel’s Avengers. After giving us a look at E3 last month, and leaving us a bit with a bitter taste, we have more information on the gameplay of the much-discussed title.

After the presentation of Iron Man VR, Ultimate Alliance 3 and Conquest of Champions, around 20 minutes of play were shown in Hall H of San Diego Comic-Con. This is described by programmers as the prologue to the story. It all starts with the cinematic already seen at E3. There is a massive celebration for the Avengers in San Francisco when, from scratch, there are explosions on the Golden Gate Bridge. Captain America sends Thor, Iron Man and the rest of the team to control. From this point, we will begin to impersonate the powerful god of thunder Thor. Then move on to Iron Man, Hulk, and finally Black Widow.

The Avengers are all trying to stop this massive terrorist attack that we find orchestrated by Taskmaster. A rogue mercenary criminal well known in the comic book world, capable of emulating some of our heroes’ fighting skills.

When the player finally defeats it, the catastrophe will happen. Distracted by the enemy, the city will be razed to the ground and Captain America will die in the accident. A time jump of five years will be made and we will meet again with the population that hates the Avengers, accused of the destruction of San Francisco, divided and no longer in defense of the weakest. This is where the movie ends and the game really begins.

One thing we should pay attention to, especially for comic book fans, is that the prologue focused on the narration of a young girl, who talks about “meeting her heroes”. That girl may or may not be the same one that is seen briefly in the movie escaping during the assault, before falling to the ground and inhaling some mysterious blue gas. Does it look familiar? It looks very similar to the story of the origins of Kamala Khan, better known in comics, as the embodiment of Ms. Marvel. His narrative also returns later, making her think of him as a character with a very important role in history.

Returning to the gameplay, each Avenger obviously has his own unique powers and moves. Lots of great power moves and lots of big explosions and bursts of energy. Apparently, there will also be a multiplayer mode where players can design Avengers customizing their powers and features, to fight online with or against friends.

It will be possible, for example, to create an Iron Man with totally different colors. You can make a Viking Thor, or put a suit with a top hat to Hulk. If these cosmetics can also be part of the single-player mode is not clear. But, they will certainly appear in the cooperative multiplayer section of the title.

We recall that Marvel’s Avengers will land on PC, Google Stadia, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on May 15th, 2020. Players on PlayStation 4 will have early access to the game’s multiplayer mode.

What do you think of this first information released on the game?



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