Evil Geniuses holds the title of being one of the oldest eSports teams in CSGO and Dota 2. With the Counter-Strike adventure that they started in the early 2000s, they have managed to come up to these days. However, as a result of some unfortunate events in 2015, they were banned by Valve for life. Struggling to re-enter the industry, Evil Geniuses was able to step into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene after acquiring the NRG Esports squad in 2019.

At the end of these tiring and tense processes, after the success of a few large and small tournaments in 2020, they could not be mentioned much. Winning the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Americas Finals is their biggest victory since their re-establishment. Likewise, they managed to win first place in the ESL One Cologne 2020 North America tournament.

Evil Geniuses, who could not achieve the momentum they wanted after these successes, entered a bad period after defeats in a row. Especially their elimination from the first match in the 16-team qualifiers at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021 and their crushing defeat at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 deeply shook the team’s mentality. Evil Geniuses, which closed the 2021 CSGO tournaments season with losses and defeats, rolled up their sleeves to make an explosive start to 2022. Now, let’s take a closer look at the path Evil Geniuses follow.

Timothy “autimatic” Returns to CSGO

Before we get into the eSport news about Evil Geniuses, we have to go back to where it all started. This roster restructuring obviously started with the return of one of the former MVP players, autimatic, to CSGO with the Evil Geniuses team. Long away from the CSGO eSport competitive arena, autimatic will make his debut at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022. Evil Geniuses and their new staff are preparing to face a tough test with Vitality, which is considered one of the best teams in the world. If you like CSGO betting, we recommend you not to miss this match.

Autimatic 2018 Career

  • K/D Ratio: 1.17
  • ADR: 79.2
  • Headshot %: 43.9

Evil Geniuses Signs Liquid Player Stewie2K to Complete their Roster

Evil Geniuses signed on January 18 with a new member of their roster, Jake “Stewie2K” yip, who was named MVP twice in a row. Stewie2K, who will act as the other superstar of the team together with Timothy “autimatic,” draws attention with his high rating rate and ADR rate. If you’ve been following the CSGO eSport scene for a long time, you can tell that the C9 trio is back together. You can find information about the other member of the trio, Rush, below. However, we must say in advance that CSGO eSport tournaments will now be much more challenging and exciting.

When the C9 trio split over different goals, their last title was their ELEAGUE Boston Major victory in January 2018. Later that day, Stewie left to play for SK Gaming. Autimatic, on the other hand, made his own way to participate in Valorant tournaments with the T1. RUSH was transferred to Complexity. And three legendary names are once again making all their preparations to finish their unfinished business in the CSGO arena.

Stewie2K Overview

  • K/D Ratio: 1.02
  • ADR: 77.8
  • Headshot %: 49.4

Evil Geniuses Adds RUSH, Known as the Cloud9 Trio, to the CSGO Roster

The news, which has been kept secret for a long time in the world of CSGO eSports, but expected by many with some speculation, has finally emerged. Evil Geniuses has made their third and final signing with William “RUSH” Wierzba. The team that will participate in the tournaments in the 2022 season is now ready. The RUSH Transfer was made public after Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip and Timoty “autimatic” were signed.

In the background of the event, EG, Stewie, and autimatic were communicating with each other months ago. After Stewie left Team Liquid, he decided to consider returning to CSGO at autimatic. With Stewie’s departure from Team Liquid and T1’s dismissal of autimatics, EG has rolled up their sleeves to create their new trio.

Evil Geniuses seems to be ready for new adventures now that the roster has been completed with RUSH. As we mentioned above, EG’s first test will be against Team Vitality on January 30th. Likewise, we will have the opportunity to watch Evil Geniuses and their new superstars at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 and ESL Pro League Season 15.

Rush 2018 Career

  • K/D Ratio: 0.97
  • ADR: 73.4
  • Headshot %: 47.3

What Awaits Evil Geniuses and Its New Trio?

First of all, they have a recent tournament, BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022, ahead of them. If Evil Geniuses can achieve the momentum and self-confidence they want here, maybe we can have the chance to watch the team at BLAST Premier World Final 2022. But they have a long way to go up to that point.

Evil Geniuses’ current 2022 roster is as follows:

  • Coach: maLeK
  • Brehze
  • CeRq
  • Stewie2K
  • Autimatic
  • RUSH

Final Words

If you are a strict CSGO betting lover and eSport follower, you can follow the matches of Evil Geniuses. Also, IEM Katowice 2022 is approaching, which is scheduled to take place between February 17 and February 27. We will have the opportunity to see the world’s best teams in one of the world’s biggest tournaments again.

We will have the chance to see s1mple and Navi team, one of the favorite players of CSGO eSport betting lovers, in the CSGO arena again. Of course, not only Navi, but also many new transfers and developments and teams such as FURIA, Entropiq, and MOUZ, excite eSport lovers. If you want to be informed about such developments instantly, do not forget to follow us.