Kirra Hart was tortured, stabbed and beaten at a sleepover
Kirra Hart was tortured, stabbed and beaten at a sleepover (Image courtesy- tricks.nayag)

A 14-year-old Australian girl named Kirra Hart was recently abused for several hours after being persuaded to spend the night with three other girls. According to reports, the assault happened on March 16, 2023, at a residence in Tewantin, a suburb of Noosa Heads, Queensland.

A “Justice for Kirra Hart” petition claims that the adolescent was allegedly asked to a sleepover by three girls she mistakenly believed to be her friends. Moreover, while filming the vicious assault, the girls “punched her, slapped her, continually sliced and stabbed her with a knife.”

This violent attack on the 14-year-old by three other juveniles who abused her for almost four hours stunned social media users.

Note: This article contains images and mentions of graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Video of Kirra Hart getting physically assaulted draws sympathy on social media

Kirra Hart before and after the assault
Kirra Hart before and after the assault (Image courtesy-

Chloe and Rhynish are shown hurting and mistreating Kirra Hart in the video. This footage went viral on Wednesday, March 22 and has disturbed several people since then.

Hart may be seen in the footage standing in what looks to be a bedroom. One girl was seen repeatedly beating her, while another was seen brandishing a big knife that the others allegedly used to threaten and stab Hart. A third girl nearby was documenting the assault. The victim was seen attempting to defend herself by covering her face and body with her arms, but she failed to do so.

On social media, there were also other images of Hart with bruises, wounds, and blood all over her body and face. Later, it was discovered that Shanaya Grech, Chloe Denman, and Rhynisha Grech were the girls who tortured Hart.

Chloe and Rhynisha are apparently social media influencers and were seen abusing Kirra in the video.

On their social media profiles, both of them received a lot of criticism and abuse. After the incident, Kirra received medical attention for the injuries to her body and was rushed to the hospital.

Nowadays, because of the incident, a lot of parents are terrified to allow their children to attend any kind of sleepover.

Netizens even started a petition on to punish the abusers and bring justice to Hart. It is already on the verge of reaching its target of 500 signatures.

Justice for Kirra Hart petition
Justice for Kirra Hart petition (Image courtesy- Change)

According to the reports, she had multiple surgeries for the wounds that she received. Her friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help her family with the costs of her medical care.

GoFundMe page of Kirra Hart set by her friends
GoFundMe page of Kirra Hart set by her friends (Image courtesy- GoFundMe)

How did netizens react to the incident? 

"Justice for Kirra Hart” petition is trending in social media right now
“Justice for Kirra Hart” petition is trending in social media right now (Image courtesy- TikTok)

The debate surrounding this controversial and shocking video has gained national attention. People have started question public safety and there are many people worried about Kirra Hart. Users are pleading for justice all over the internet. Discussions around this topic are becoming more prevalent across all social media platforms.

Several people condemned the incident on Twitter by naming the victims, advocating for their legal punishment, and expressing their sympathies for Hart.

Rhynisha and Chloe were referred to in the petition as “the leaders behind this hideous crime.” The girls engaged in the vicious attack “just received fines and a warning due to their age,” according to the description present.

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