Facebook Gameroom is the newest player in the arena of digital distribution platforms; made to compete with Steam

By now, you must have heard about Facebook Gameroom, Facebook’s first ever digital distribution platform, announced yesterday. The so-called videogame digital distribution platform ‘Gameroom’ is already out, and you can download it for free.

Gameroom is designed to support web-based and mobile ported games on their independent PC platform. It’s basically BlueStacks, but for games that are Facebook-exclusive. In my opinion, Gameroom isn’t for hardcore gamers who plays Triple-A titles, MOBAs, FPS etc. But for people, who like crushing candy on their phones.

The tagline for Facebook Gameroom is “Enter a new destination for games”, which is a joke in itself, as Facebook isn’t doing anything new. They’re trying to recreate the 13 year old digital distribution platform ‘Steam’ integrating games like Candy Crush. However, we may see more games in the future (but I hope, it doesn’t happen).

Here’s a complete list of games that are currently a part of Facebook Gameroom –

  • Sandstorm Pirate Wars
  • Willy Wonka Slots
  • Shadow Kings
  • Cooking Mama
  • Bubble Witch Saga 2
  • Song Pop
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Criminal Case (it’s obvious as it’s one of the most played Facebook integrated game)
  • Tiger King Slots
  • Konami Slots
  • Broken Kingdom

Really? Facebook Gameroom is a Windows application that will allow you to play all these web-games and mobile-games on your PC. Great isn’t it? ‘BlueStacks’. But, here’s the advantages of Gameroom. You’ll be socially connected to gamers from across the globe, sharing same interest in gaming as you do.

But, that’s my opinion. If you love playing these type of games, Gameroom is for you. Congrats, Facebook cares about you. But for ‘gamers’ (yes, i actually used the term), Steam is still the best and reliable source.

Facebook Gameroom

What Facebook is trying to do here is compete with Steam, provide users a social interface while gaming and provide features expected by users who tend to stay online and mark their virtual presence. Other than that, it’s nothing.

You can however download the application over here, and read a detailed article right here. I am ready for the hate comments, but that’s just what I think. Thank you! (lol, 3 years back I finished one of my speeches the exact same way)