Facebook messenger unable to send images issue | Affected Countries

Facebook messenger unable to send images issue | Affected Countries

Facebook Messenger is one of the most famous networking applications that people preferably use. It can be highly infuriating if one cannot access these services to its complete potential. Many customers are experiencing issues with Facebook Messenger as they are not able to send images, and the developers have not yet released a remark on the subject as to why these services are not working. Let us look into how to fix the recent Facebook messenger issue where users are unable to send images, along with the affected countries.

Unable to send images through Facebook Messenger

At the time of writing people have been experiencing an absurd issue with Facebook Messenger as they are unable to send images through the application. This is infuriating as Facebook Messenger is an important part of everyone’s professional life as well as their personal life and not being able to access the services can be annoying. There is currently no fix for this issue although in our article we will tell you a few measures you can take to possibly fix it.

Affected Countries

At the time of writing, it seems like most of the countries are affected by this issue. The issue seemed to have been reported by the users of Facebook Messenger from the SEA region first later followed by the users of other countries as well. The issue is constantly being reported from all parts of the world especially SEA countries and North America.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger Issue

As of now, no official statement has been issued by the team on Facebook Messenger about this issue. Although, there are a few steps you can take to make sure the issue is not from your end.

  • Check Media Size: Make sure the images you are trying to send are below the maximum size of the file you can send through Facebook Messenger.
  • Switch Network: If you are on Wi-Fi try switching your network to mobile data and vice versa. This step will ensure that your connection is working fine and the issue isn’t due to your network.
  • Clear Cache: If you are on an Android device, try clearing the cache. After you clear the cache, remove the application from multitasking and try sending an image again.
  • Check Messenger Status: Facebook Messenger frequently experiences system problems. The Messenger app will continue to have issues if the social network is having a bad day. You may verify the issue by going to Downdetector. You never know who else is dealing with the same issue.
  • Update your Application: Make sure your application is updated and running on the latest version.

Note: If you have tried all the above steps, and the issue still prevails it is mostly from the server end. Wait patiently as the Facebook Messenger team fixes it.

Help the Community

Feel free to comment and share your ideas if you have any suggestions for fixing this issue. If you have any questions regarding Facebook Messenger not working properly as people are “unable to send images”, let us know in the comments.

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