Every masterpiece has its cheap copy, and the old adage hasn’t spared the most followed YouTuber on the planet. A ‘fake’ MrBeast from a Squid Game parody on YouTube has become the latest meme trend and people are absolutely loving the knock-off. The YouTuber whose original name is Jimmy Donaldson may have not seen this yet, but we can expect a reaction soon. Read to find out where the ‘fake’ MrBeast originated and who the actual person behind the meme is. 

Fake MrBeast origin

Let’s take a closer look at the meme first and understand what exactly it’s making fun of. We see a person who resembles Jimmy Donaldson imitating him with a mock MrBeast intro from his YouTube channel.

Fake MrBeast meme YouTube Squid Game parody
Image courtesy of Know Your Meme
  • Epic Rap Battles of History holds a special place in YouTube. Following its footsteps, a channel called Freshy Kanal decided to make a similar rap battle video between MrBeast and the blockbuster Korean Netflix series, Squid Game.

  • The fake MrBeast intro originates from this rap battle video which first came out in 2021 after the release of Squid Game. The video has been viewed on YouTube over 4 million times.

Who is fake MrBeast

So, who is this person who has managed to pull off a spot-on impression of MrBeast? The parody character was portrayed by a YouTuber named Skitzy.

Skitzy fake MrBeast meme parody Squid Game
Image courtesy of YouTube
  • Skitzy has nearly 28K followers on his standalone channel. He specializes in mimicking famous personalities in similar rap battle-style videos.
  • The voice behind the rap battle video of MrBeast vs Squid Game was done by Cam Steady, another YouTuber who handles the channel “Video Game Rap Battles”.

Squid Game vs MrBeast

MrBeast’s real-life Squid Game challenge video must have inspired this unlikely combination for an epic rap battle video.

  • In the rap battle, Mike Choe plays Seong Gi-Hun, the main character from Squid Game. Skitzy’s constant grinning expression on his face clicked immediately with viewers. The comments section was flooded with love for the fake MrBeast.
  • The two parody characters take a lot of digs at each other. Fake MrBeast makes a lot of Squid Game references as to how much Seong Gi-Hun struggles in the show’s deathly game.
Image courtesy of Death Battle Fandom
  • On the other hand, Mike Choe insults Skitzy’s fake MrBeast by calling out his elaborate YouTube challenges.

Who is MrBeast?

MrBeast is known for his large stunts and giveaways. He first gained fame through his “MrBeast Challenge” videos, where he would complete various challenges, such as counting to 100,000 or watching 1,000 hours of a single video. 

Image courtesy of Forbes
  • He has since expanded to other types of content, including pranks and philanthropy videos, such as giving away millions of dollars to small streamers, planting thousands of trees, and building a homeless shelter. 
  • He has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, such as donating to disaster relief and funding scholarships. He has a huge fan base and has more than 127 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

We think Skitzy has done an amazing job as fake MrBeast in the epic rap battle-style video. What do you think?

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