Faker is the greatest of all time in League of Legends, and the competition isn’t even close. While he’s far from being in contention for the best mid-laner in LCS, no one can deny that his map awareness and mechanics are still elite. Since his debut in 2013, Faker has been with the T1 brand, winning three world championships. His contract recently expired after his latest attempt to win his fourth gold.

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What does that mean for potentially the hottest free agent in professional League of Legends? Will he be looking for a different team? He has expressed his interest in competing in the LCS. The question is if there’s a chance to follow up on that interest.

Highly Unlikely

The T1 organization mentioned they don’t plan to replace Faker until he decides to step down. He’s remained loyal to the company that made him, even after numerous offers from other top companies. There were rumors that NA organizations such as Team Liquid offered him a blank paycheck. China is also continuing to look to secure Korean talent for their teams.

Not only that, but he is a shareholder in T1, meaning he has a lucrative career ahead of him even after retirement. He believes he’s still at the peak of his ability and can play the highest level of competitive League of Legends, ten years into his career. While most of his peers have retired, his longevity remains unmatched.

Add to the fact that the current T1 roster builds around Faker. Their current roster consists of top young talent, the best chemistry Faker has ever had since his world championship wins. As the leader of this new squad that has nearly tasted Worlds victory several times, it’s hard to argue that he has greener pastures if he leaves.

Clubs are Reaching Out

Despite the low chance of him leaving T1, clubs are aware of his contract expiry have sent out offers. Among these are LCS teams Flyquest and Team Liquid. Both are rebuilding after another mediocre performance at the World Championships. Team Liqiuid may offer another enticing deal to Faker, though it isn’t about money for him.

We’ll likely see Faker play another year with T1’s current roster, hoping to finally snag a Worlds Championship that has eluded him since 2017. After the upset loss against DRX in the last world championships, they’ll be looking to get their hands on the Worlds trophy.

More Moves in the Offseason

There have been many notable moves in various regions. Among these are the drastic changes for many LCS and LEC rosters. Even Korea will see a shakeup, as seen with roster changes from DRX and DWG. T1 remains one of the most consistent rosters, meaning it’s possible to start strong in the upcoming season.

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