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Many people are wondering if Fall Guys has been released on Xbox One. Well, unfortunately, the game is currently available only on PS4 and PC. The game should arrive soon on Xbox One, but the developers haven’t confirmed it yet. Here’s what you need to know about the Fall Guys Xbox One release and cross platform between Xbox One and PC.

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Fall Guys Cross Platform – Scope

For such a fun game, playing together would mean huge success for the game. Let’s say, you have a friend, Tom, who only has a Xbox One and another friend, Harry, who plays only on Nintendo Switch. Now, you play on PC. Currently, you guys can’t play together because you’re on different platforms. But as soon as Fall Guys Cross Platform arrives, all of you can play and have fun together, with voice chat over Discord.

In its first 24 hours from release, Fall Guys saw a whopping 1.5 million players, which is massive. No way Mediatonic expected such a huge amount of players to tune into the game so quickly, let alone the first 24 hours from release.

Cross Platform Team Games

As soon as cross platform arrives, the developers should add more levels and especially, team modes only. This way, parties can play team vs team, which would be another interesting addition.

Fall Guys Cross Platform Release Date

Mediatonic, the developers, are constantly listening to player feedback and taking into account every suggestion fans have for the game. On their top, to-do lists are, cross platform, name disabled fix, and bug fixes. So, it won’t be long for us to play together with friends on different platforms. Unfortunately, however, currently, we do not have any solid information when they’ll release the cross platform feature, but it should be very soon.

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