Can You Buy Crowns in Fall Guys
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The popular last-man-standing delight by Mediatonic Games, Fall Guys, has sold over 10 million copies on Steam. The game achieved this remarkable number in just three months.

Fall Guys was released on August 4. In its first few weeks, the game saw searing popularity amongst gamers and streamers. It was possible as Fall Guys was a free game for PS Plus users for the month of August. This gave the game a kickstart and it saw a growing fanbase in a very short time-span.

This week, Unity released some statistical data in its Q3 report, in which it mentions Fall Guys. According to the report, Fall Guys sold over 10 million copies on Steam and remains the #1 most-downloaded game on PlayStation Plus to date.

Mediatonic worked on Fall Guys with Unity and the game also uses Unity’s Operate Solutions to run the game.

At the initial stage, Fall Guys players experienced a lot of hackers and server issues, mostly on PC. Almost every game was flooded with not just one, but multiple hackers, ruining the experience for everyone. Soon after, Mediatonic partnered with Easy Anti-Cheat and there haven’t been any serious hacking reports so far.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC via Steam. The game costs $19.99 on both Steam and the PlayStation Store.

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