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Mediatonic’s ‘Fall Guys’ hits 20 Million Players in just 48 hours of announcing its free for all release. Last week, Fall Guys became free to play, leaving Steam to become exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

Despite the shift in storefronts, there were approximately 500% as many concurrent players playing Fall Guys on Steam. It’s also doing rather well on Epic. On June 21, the day Fall Guys went free, broke its previous record for active players.

Fall Guys – Free to Play

Last week, we saw the release of Fall Guys as a free-to-play game coupled with a move to Epic Games Store exclusivity and delisting from Steam.

  • The change was a huge success, so huge that it had a terrible effect on the game servers. The devs surprisingly struggled to handle the unexpected upsurge.

    • Custom lobbies were temporarily disabled a few hours later so that the game developer could continue working on them.
    • The following afternoon, it appeared that things were improving, but the studio issued a warning that there might be some technical problems while all of the users try to play at once.
    • Later, Mediatonic removed the daily section of the in-game store to address some problems, which is said to have resulted in some players being kicked out of the game.

Fall Guys Hits 20 Million Players

  • According to Epic, the record number of active players refers to the overall number of players who were active on the storefront throughout the day, with Fall Guys making a significant contribution to the total.
    • Fortunately, player figures for individual games on Steam are publicly available, as opposed to the Epic Store, which makes it possible for us to make some logical inferences.
    • Steam charts estimate that Fall Guys had 350,000 concurrent players on Tuesday, which is a conservative estimate based on the game’s all-time peak concurrent player count. It’s tough to say if this applies to Steam users, but either way, it’s still a good number of active players.
  • According to Steam, the game is reaching a top concurrent player count of more than 56k plus despite not being sold on their store.
  • Over the course of the first two days after launching free-to-play, Fall Guys attracted 20 million players overall, according to Mediatonic.

Fall Guys Update Notes

A sudden increase in players is going to present some difficulties, and Mediatonic is currently releasing updates to deal with the increased demand.

  • In the video game industry, server crashes are nothing new,  and Mediatonic is no exception.
  • It was launched in 2020, so Fall Guys is now a couple of years old. While it’s still unquestionably a hit, its days of being a runaway sensation are behind us.

It was also reasonable to anticipate that the switch from Steam to the Epic Games Store would have a detrimental impact. According to a Fall Guys representative, the game reached a record number of concurrent players. This places heavy demands on the servers and occasionally disrupts the matchmaking systems.

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