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Fall Guys Mobile could be a reality soon. There’s a high possibility of Fall Guys coming to mobile. We’ve found some new information that could lead to a mobile version of the game in the future. Although it won’t happen anytime soon, the developers might have thought about bringing the game to mobile. Here’s everything you need to know about Fall Guys Mobile, its possible release date, if it will be free or paid, and whether it will arrive on Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.

Will Fall Guys Come To Mobile – Android/iOS?

While searching for Fall Guys Mobile, I found the domain – fallguysmobile.com. If you visit this website, you’ll be redirected to Fall Guys’ official website fallguys.com. Now, the original domain is registered under Amazon Registrar (according to Whois). The FallGuysMobile domain, however, is registered on NameCheap.

Information for both the domains is hidden due to Whois Privacy Protection. But can we say Devolver Digital registered the Mobile domain as well? Currently, we don’t know. It could be anyone who bought the domain and redirected to the original website. But if it’s the developers, mobile players, you might see a Fall Guys coming to your platforms soon.

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When Will  Fall Guys Come To Mobile – Android/iOS?

Right now, the developers have an exclusive contract with Sony for the PlayStation 4. This means, Fall Guys can’t be released for any other console until the contract is over. Although, the game is on PC (via Steam). So, if the contract doesn’t prohibit them from releasing it on mobile, they’re good to go.

But here’s a catch. Fall Guys requires some serious system requirements to run on PC. At least, if you see it from a low-end consumer. Porting it to mobile devices would require a fair amount of development time. And according to our speculation, the developers would consider Xbox One and Nintendo Switch their priorities over a mobile port.

So, a mobile version might be coming, but it’s not happening anytime soon. There’s time.

Will Fall Guys Be Free on Mobile – Android/iOS?

We think Fall Guys will be free on mobile. The game already has a store for in-game transactions and people can even buy in-game currency Kudos. Charging for this game on mobile won’t get the game enough players. So, they’ll most probably make the game free on Android and iOS, while keeping microtransactions intact.

Will Fall Guys Arrive on Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

Unlike Fortnite, Fall Guys won’t be building their own website for people to download the game from. They’d simply put the game on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, where the masses are, for them to download it.

We still don’t have a clear vision on when Fall Guys will arrive on mobile devices, but we hope it happens very soon.

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