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Has your name in Fall Guys changed to something like Fall Guys 1673? If so, don’t worry. Your names should be back soon. The developers have temporarily disabled the name feature on Steam to fix some issues. Here’s what you need to know about Fall Guys Name Disabled.

Fall Guys Name Disabled – Issue Explained

The developers wrote in a tweet that they temporarily disabled custom player names on Steam as players were using exploits to break UI and display offensive language. Now, this isn’t the first time it’s happening in a video game. When Clash Royale first launched, players, used different HTML codes and colors to change their names, fonts, and so on. To allow a balanced behavior, Fall Guys developer has temporarily disabled the feature, until they fix it.

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When Are Our Names Coming Back?

As of now, there’s no update on when we’ll get our names back. But according to the developers, a patch should arrive soon that’ll fix the issue. Since PC is an open platform, the game is experiencing a lot of hacking issues as well. So, when the update drops, most of the issues should get solved.

Can We Change Our Name Colors and Sizes?

You could have changed your name colors and sizes, but not anymore. Since they disabled the feature, your name will only be something like Fall Guys XXXX. As already mentioned, many new games face this issue, and Fall Guys was no exception. And unfortunately, you won’t be able to change colors or sizes anymore as they’ll disable everything of that sort.