Fall Guys 2 season 2 is out next week

Fall Guys Season 2 starts next week on October 8 as confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account. It will also be coming with a plethora of new features that dedicated fans should look out for.

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New Levels

Season 2 will allow players to dive into more complex levels featuring movable objects that players will be drag across to complete their objectives. You can see some of it in action here.

More customization options

Players will be able to customize their Banner Style with a multitude of designs to choose from. What we have seen so far includes a pride flag, a slice of pizza, and a crown. Players will also be able to give themselves custom names that are labeled as their nickname starting next week. If you need an example here are a few- “Rookie”, “Sir Hugs A Lot”, “Cool Bean”, etc All these features can be found under the “Interface” level on the menu.


The new Battle Pass adds a medieval theme in regards to the Halloween celebration, which will feature knights, dragons, and princesses to name a few.

Quality of life features

Season 2 of Fall Guys will some quality of life features. One that we do know about allows players to fall into their next match with anyone they have partied up with.

Will you be hoping into Season 2 next week? Tell us in the comments down below.



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