Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will release a jungle adventure-themed Season 5 patch tomorrow, named Stumble in the Jungle!

The little bean cuties will now race through a forest that includes six new sessions and a variety of fresh features. Gigantic swinging logs, a strangely lost temple, and robotic rhinos are among the obstacles you must overcome. Because Sony has invested in Epic Games, it’s exciting that Fall Guys Season 5 will be released on both Steam and PlayStation. The game is also playable on other platforms, but we don’t know when the upcoming season will be out.

Season 5 Features

Treetop Tumble In a sprint to the finish, gamers take intertwining paths. Dangerous log swings and growing frogs abound.
Stompin’ Ground What comes up if the beans get too close to the rhinos?
Lost Temple The most challenging round yet requires the beans to maneuver around the shapeshifting Lost Temple, where the mysterious route to the throne is constantly switching.
Lily Leapers Lily Leapers’ bean tempo will make you bounce. Every layer is conquered by hopping from drum to drum.
Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble is a five-person arena battle centered on rapid-fire beans. To gather your way to a glorious qualifier, you must scurry between active spots.
 Pegwin Pool Party Grab troublesome Pegwins while zooming down zippy slides. The longer you hold on, the more points you’ll accumulate.

Limited-time activities will be introduced in the game, giving players a whole new path to overcome the Blunderdome, complete with special challenges and bonuses.  Each event offers a path to prosperity.

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