Fallout 76

To summarise the whole situation, Bethesda’s lame excuses to dodge the production of canvas bags were – “unavailability of materials” and “too expensive to make”. Turns out, the cheap nylon bags that came with the Power Edition comes at $0.65 per piece in the wholesale market.

First spotted by Twitter user Klara Sjöberg, the “Waterproof Custom cheap printed Polyester Nylon Drawstring Bag” (on Alibaba) costs around $0.15-$0.65/piece on an order of 100-pieces. The material is similar to the nylon bags Power Edition buyers received.

Fallout 76 - Nylon

More interestingly, the canvas bags sent to influencers, streamers and YouTubers cost around $2.68-$4.55/piece on an order of 500 pieces. And I’m pretty sure these aren’t “too expensive to make”.

Fallout 76 - Canvas
Thanks, Klara!

Bethesda has a lot of money to spend on influencers, but when it comes to its consumers, “Oops! We burned a hole in our pockets!”. For the fact, this isn’t even the material promised for the Power Armor edition. Even if they replaced the original with this, I don’t see Bethesda in need of millions of dollars to fulfill the orders. Anyone with the capability to perform basic calculations can easily conclude that Bethesda went with a cheap, unacceptable and fraudulent strategy.

This isn’t just a substandard tactic to generate cash but a fat fuck you to all Fallout fans and the community. I surely don’t stand in the position to judge everything so I’ll leave the judgement to you.

Bethesda’s strategy here was to cut off the expense on the canvas bags that’d save them a boatload. Consumers, generally, don’t notice such small cuts which in turn helps the company save expenses. However, Bethesda was out of luck and the people in the gaming community aren’t ordinary “consumers”. Gamers are aware, conscious and reasonable. And every time companies come up with such deceptive cash-cowing strategies, they ruin their own reputation.

With Bethesda’s disgusting politics and money-saving trickeries, the company has successfully become a joke. One issue after another, Bethesda has cultivated a series of notorious events that’ll surely leave irremediable scars.

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