death stranding

Death Stranding has received pretty polarising reviews from critics across the world and while fans have been enjoying it, the game still stays amidst controversies. One of them has recently been making rounds on Twitter.

The interview log, called, ‘An Asexual World,’ makes some statements against asexual people which is not been taken very positively by the community. It states, “A growing percentage of the younger cohort were self-identifying as asexual, claiming to be incapable of feeling desire or attraction. Accordingly, such individuals were less likely to have children or engage in sexual activity.” It further states that it is a “sexless lifestyle” and increasing in popularity among people of the young generation, leading to a decline in natality rate.

This is a pretty controversial topic given that asexual people do indulge in sexual activity, even though they might not feel attraction as such. That being said, this doesn’t represent Hideo Kojima’s personal opinion as such and is just an in-game log. However, that doesn’t stop fans from criticizing the whole idea.

The screenshot of the alleged interview has been making rounds on Twitter, and people are expressing their displeasure against it. The image can be found below :-