Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been around a lot of hate recently due to the game having a timed-exclusive game mode on PS4. Amidst all the backlash, fans on Reddit have been urging Activision to include microtransactions in the game provided its only of cosmetic nature.

Multiple posts on the r/modernwarfare subreddit and other subreddits have been focused on the cosmetics in the upcoming Call of Duty game. However, the cosmetics haven’t been lashed out, surprisingly. Players have been asking to get rid of the lootbox model, but instead, allow them to buy whatever cosmetic they want directly.

One of the top voted posts on the Modern Warfare subreddit reads as follows,

“Sprays, emotes, and stickers (which literally no one uses, but ok), weapon skins, and player skins are acceptable. Hell, make an entire store dedicated to player customization with individual items modeled after real-world tactical gear! Oakley sunglasses. Arc’Teryx pants. Crye helmets. Not only would that be acceptable, but it would be damned cool. Even better would be abandoning COD points and charging face value for items.”

Another post reads, “I’m in the ” don’t give a shit about mtx” crowd, but I don’t understand why Activision doesn’t just give us the option to buy whatever dlc skin/weapon we want as a single item? Hell, this system was in BLOPS 2, you bought the skin you wanted individually and nobody gave a shit.”

This is in response to the backlash against the revelation that supply drops will be containing not only cosmetics but also weapons. However, given the fact that fans have been asking Activision upfront to include microtransactions in the form of cosmetics is something which is very surprising. Microtransactions and loot boxes are something which is highly disregarded in the gaming community at large for a long time now. This change in the mindset of the gamers towards these malpractices shows that times have indeed changed.