Is MultiVersus already dying

Are you one of the Warner Bros. Games fans? Well, things may have slowed down a bit for MultiVersus since the last update with Gizmo. Fans are getting bored without getting any news, so then what’s the main question? Is MultiVersus already dying? Mind you, the game is still in its open beta, and is currently in its first season. We’ll dive into the player count since its launch and other updates about the game. Stay with us here!

MV’s Player Count since launch

If we can remember correctly, a month back we wrote about MultiVersus’ milestone of reaching 10 million players in less than a month of release, July 19th. However, while we’re reading the numbers based on Steam Charts, it is evident that the number of active players is declining from July to August, and down to this month.

  • Let’s focus on the average players’ numbers since its release. In July, an average of 66,920 players were in, while its peak reached around 153,000. Moving forward to the following month of August, the game’s active players decreased to 41,553 counts with its peak reaching around 139,000 only.
Is MultiVersus already dying?
Image Courtesy of Steam Charts
  • You may be shocked by this one. As of this writing, from the last 30 days, the decline was so rapid and it has reached its lowest average players so far with 17,008. What’s more shocking? From a hundred thousand peak, it went crashing down to around 50,000. This is huge bad news to Warner Bros. Games, they may want to do something about this.

Is MultiVersus already dying?

In all honesty, it is hard for us to analyze what is happening with the game. It skyrocketed since its launch, then now rapidly falling. And to remind you, they are just starting just a few months in. The sudden drop in the player count is concerning. As of now, I don’t think it’s dying, but if Player First and Warner Bros. Games do not act on this, we’ll never know what’s to happen next.

  • As I wrote numerous MultiVersus articles from time to time, I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with various character releases, and events. If you remember, they just dropped Gizmo and Stripe’s teaser and then welcomed Gizmo into the game after a week. It isn’t impossible for them to bring Black Adam and Stripe into the game anytime now. Both of these characters are present in the key art of Season 1 anyway.
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • It’s too early to say that the game’s over now. Oh, and Halloween’s fast approaching, and I think we can expect in-game cosmetics, and maybe the arrival of new characters (huge shoutout to the rumored coming of The Matrix and Big Chungus!). I’d like to give MultiVersus a chance, the developers perhaps are polishing and experimenting with something new, so I can’t wait for that. Will you give MultiVersus a shot?
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  • As much as people loved the game ever since it came out to the gaming market, they have been wanting more. The people were lured by seeing their favorite cartoon, film, and TV show characters in one frame, and to the extent, of battling each other.
  • No, we don’t think it’s about MultiVersus being stagnant, they are characters up for release including Rick from the dynamic duo, Rick and Morty. But, if they want more players to come in and stay for the game, they should be adding more reasons for them to continue playing.
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • Well, competition will always be there. But what’s hard for MultiVersus is that they should make a stable name for themselves first. People have just been going to them to explore a new brawling game, and these gamers may go back to their usuals, and favorites once they get bored. We can’t blame the players for leaving, right? Because developers and upper management are the ones responsible for ways to make them stay.

Latest MV news

Their official YouTube account posted about Gizmo’s move list just yesterday which you can see above. There has been no news for new characters, updates, fixes, and such. Rick is still nowhere to be found as of now, as well as Gremlins’ Stripe. When will they drop those two?

  • Although, they often post on their official Twitter account. A few featured rotations, gameplay videos, and retweets are up on their account. An upcoming update is on September 26, by the way. New summer skins of selected Brawlers in the game will drop.

  • Other than those, it seems pretty quiet in the world of MultiVersus. Going back to the question, is MultiVersus already dying? Let us know.

What’s your thought about this, players?

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