Far Cry 5 New Trailer Shows Off Liberation, Resistance, Armoured Trucks And A Lot of Violence

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s  newest ‘The Resistance’ trailer not only looks cool but shows how deadly of a game Far Cry 5 is going to be. The trailer starts with Joseph Seed – the main antagonist of the game – saying, “No one is coming to save you”, unaware that players don’t need no one to save themselves. Just a few weapons, a keyboard & mouse/controller, and Hope Country will blow up!

The religious cult organization “Project at Eden’s Gate”, is less devoted to Gods, and more to the creatures of hell. The trailer quickly shows off the cult members smashing heads with baseball bats, bows and arrows, flamethrowers and lots and lots of bullets.

What is being told in this trailer, is that there are different regions under Eden’s control, which we’ll need to take control of. “The more you help liberate a region, the more the resistance meter will full up and the more resistance means more people who fight by your side”.

Once a region is liberated, people from that region would help us fight against Eden’s Gate whenever required or called upon. Next, we have some driving, barricade and roadblock destruction and rain of bullets. “The more you play with their nerves the bigger their reaction. And nerves, they’ve got lots of it.”

We’d also see the use of animals in the game, some of which are dogs and ‘big’ cats. Meow! And to end the trailer, we’ve got massive helicopter fights, intense violence and… ‘clash of crazy armoured trucks’.

Personally, I’ve never liked Far Cry games and I’m being completely honest with my opinion. I tried Far Cry 3 and I didn’t like it. I tried Far Cry 4, and I got bored. But for Far Cry 5, I have some hopes packed inside my winter-jacket. Let’s see what happens.

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