Farming Simulator 19

Released in November, GIANTS Software’s Farming Simulator 19 has sold over 629,000 units during its first week in retail.

According to VGChartz’s analysis, the title sold approximately 629,093 (which is too specific for an approximation) units in its first week at retail.

The game sold best on Windows PC, with a total of 349,281 units sold (56%). On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it sold around 165,389 units (26%) and 114,423 units (18%) respectively.

Performance-wise, Farming Simulator 19 was loved mostly by European gamers where it was enjoyed by over 446,382 players (71%) and 115,637 US gamers (18%) spent their time harvesting and farming productively. Within Europe, 19,600 units were sold in the UK, with 211,958 units sold in Germany and 62,297 units in France.

Having a Metacritic rating of 73% for PC and 7/10 on Steam, Farming Simulator 19 is one of the finest simulation games in the recent time being. For the PlayStation 4, it stands with a 63% rating and for the Xbox One, 77%.

Farming Simulator is currently available across the aforementioned platforms.

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