The ever-exciting game Final Fantasy 14 has been unavailable to play for almost over a month. Widespread server congestion has been caused due to the massive number of players trying to log in. This is the primary factor in shutting the game’s door.

Square Enix suspended sales of the base game thirteen days after the current expansion’s early access debut. You are locked out if you did not already purchase the game. It’s been forty days since Endwalker landed. And it’s still impossible to buy a new copy of Final Fantasy 14 or sign up for the free trial.

Some Relief for the Players!

  • The firm has provided an additional 14 days of free gaming time to users who own the game or have an ongoing subscription. This is in addition to the seven days revealed last week.
  • Yesterday, this information came from director and producer Naoki Yoshida’s FFXIV Lodestone blog article. Yoshida first warned of probable Endwalker congestion in November. The servers quickly filled up, with some players encountering waits with almost 5000 people ahead of them.

Yoshida on Final Fantasy 14’s Server Issues

In an FFXIV Lodestone blog post, Naoki Yoshida wrote, “We apologize for the ongoing congestion that has been occurring since Early Access and the official launch of Endwalker. It’s been nearly two weeks since the start of Early Access and players are still experiencing substantial congestion when logging into the game. As we have new content set to release in upcoming patches, I’d like to provide you with several updates on our plans to address these issues.”

“There is an ongoing global shortage and increased demand for semiconductors, and quite frankly, we are still struggling to source the required equipment. Additionally, the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Japan has raised major concerns regarding our ability to travel overseas for on-site implementations.”
– Naoki Yoshida, Square Enix Director and Designer

The Ray of Hope

Despite all the hindrances, players and fans of Final Fantasy 14 understand the game’s current situation. Many players have expressed their angst and frustration due to the long queue times. However, they still believe that this all might be worth it as the game has a far-reaching brand new storyline.

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