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On the morning of December 8, there will be World Maintenance for everyone in the game. Although not all mistakes have been fixed and not everything has been completed, the Square Enix team is aware of the problems. The team plans to address them during the next server maintenance.

Log In Errors Fix

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This repair may bring an end to the many server difficulties that have been plaguing players. The team is particularly concerned with fixing problems 4004 and 3001. These are all related to the server population and the number of users attempting to join the game.

Aside from the server troubles, the Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV has been a big success. On Steam, a record amount of concurrent players have been playing the game, and while server issues have been apparent, it just demonstrates the fans’ enthusiasm for the upcoming addition.

Endwalker Early Access

  • Following the early access release of the Endwalker expansion on December 3, the Final Fantasy XIV servers have seen a surge in player activity. As a result, gamers have experienced long queue times, several login failures, disconnecting from the game well before logging in, losing their queue location, and having to start over.
  • The Square Enix team addressed impending maintenance in a recent blog post by Final Fantasy XIV. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, which should help with these issues.
  • The team’s plan is to go forward with these challenges and best address them in the blog post. These improvements will be happening during forthcoming login maintenance. This maintenance will not affect players who are currently in the game; only those who attempt to log in for 30 minutes will be affected.

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